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Wanting to Lose Weight lately?

Trying to lose weight and keeping up with a strict diet regime is really a challenge for most of us.

Staying fit and healthy has its positive advantages. You will have a better quality of life, higher self-esteem, lower health risks and sometimes a better career path.

Recently, I made a promise to my family that I will cut my weight down by another 20% and will maintain a healthy BMI. I have been looking around for the best approach to losing weight.  I then came across an interesting diet strategy that encourages people to take smaller meals several times a day.

I did a further research and was surprised to find out that even the Singapore Minister Mentor has been practising it for many years.

In fact, it has proven that by taking smaller meals several times a day, our metabolism will be higher and we will burn fat at a faster rate.

So to lose weight effectively, you must be determined to change your diet pattern:

- decide what you eat
- how you will eat
- your behaviour, and
- your activity level.

For a start, you shouldnt set your target too high. Losing too much weight at a short time will do you more harm than good. You should set a small goal (e.g. 3 pounds; 5 percent of your current weight) that is attainable and easier to stay focus on.

To conclude, there is no magical pill or a quick solution for weight loss. Its going to take a lot of discipline and hard work.

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